Cashflow Management

Keep moving forward with positive cash flow.

Maintaining positive cash flow is crucial to holding a steady path to financial success. Without it, it’s like flying a plane without fuel – you get nowhere fast!

Together, we’ll find ways to keep a steady cash flow to keep your financial journey on track

We work with our clients to manage their cash flow in a way that is sustainable and tax-efficient. Our clients are prepared to be effective in managing their income throughout their retirement to be tax-efficient and flexible while preserving government benefits, tax credits and entitlements. Our clients are also prepared for significant liquidation events in the future such as future healthcare expenses or tax-efficient estate planning.

Take a look at this chart, it shows how much money you need to withdraw from different investment accounts in order to spend $100 at various tax rates. It highlights the importance of having a cash flow and withdrawal strategy in retirement

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CashFlow: Your Financial Journey’s Fuel

You can’t begin your journey without positive cash flow. It gives you a solid foundation to build upon, and moves you ahead faster.